7 Top Rated Virginia Vineyard Wedding Venues

How long have you been planning your wedding?  Growing up, did you start keeping a scrapbook at an early age where you kept all your ideas?  Then later, as time and technology advanced, did you shift gears and start keeping a Pinterest board that quickly grew to mammoth proportions?  If so, you’re certainly not alone.

One of the biggest challenges to planning the perfect day is finding an equally perfect venue.  There are certainly plenty of options out there, but one that you may not have considered.  Have you thought about the possibility of using a Virginia vineyard wedding venue?  If you have, then we’d be honored if you’d consider Blue Valley.  If it’s an option that hadn’t crossed our mind, we’d love to take a few minutes to tell you about the possibilities.

Before we get into the venue spaces themselves, however, we’ll start by talking a bit about the vineyard itself.

Blue Valley is one of only a handful of locally owned and operated vineyards in the state of Virginia.  The land was originally part of a larger estate owned by the fourth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.  We purchased a significant portion of its more than twenty years ago and began the process of slowly turning it into the winery it is today.

The grounds are spectacular any time of year but don’t take our word for it, and unfortunately, the photos we have scattered on our site, while lovely, can’t compare to seeing the place in person.  If you’re curious, we’d like to invite you and your friends to come spend the day with us.

If you’d like to enjoy some live music during your visit, be sure to check our event calendar and plan accordingly.  Either way, when you head our direction, if you’d like to sample our selection of fine wines, we offer year-round wine tastings.  Our hours of operation are as follows:

Although we are open during most holidays, we are closed on both Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In addition to enjoying good food, great wine and possibly listening to some spectacular live performances by area musicians, if you’re curious to learn more about the winemaking process, that’s an option as well, as we offer tours of our production facility.

If that’s not something you’re interested in, we invite you to wander and explore.  Doing so will not only give you a feel for the winery itself, but you’ll also be able to absorb the ambiance of the various rooms we have available for weddings and other celebrations.  Once you have a good idea about how many guests you’ll be expecting at the wedding and reception, you can start looking at the various options we have available with a specific headcount number in mind and making firmer plans.

Virginia Vineyard Wedding Venue Options

The Celebrations Room

Our largest Virginia vineyard wedding venue, capable of accommodating more than 200 people, this is our main tasting room when it’s not booked to fulfill other roles.  It boasts two different bars, both handcrafted from two-hundred-year-old oak harvested from the estate itself, and then handcrafted into the functional works of art you see on display in the room.

The two bars are complimented by Bistro lights, high ceilings with exposed wooden beams and a cozy fireplace.  The room also offers a trio of large flat-screen TVs in case you want to show your guests a memorable video or two of you and your intended, and on top of that, its large windows offer stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  This is a fantastic option for large wedding parties, and if you need even more space, the Loft—which we’ll talk about below—is a good choice to book in tandem with this room, since the Loft looks down into the Celebration Room.

The Heritage Room

Enjoy a glass of sparkling Blue Valley wine with up to sixty of your guests in the lovely Heritage room!  Beautiful chandeliers and skylights provide a warm, golden glow to this room, which is enhanced by two very different views from the expansive windows.  On one side, you can see our lovely vineyard, and on the other, you’re treated to a fabulous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In addition to that, from here, you have direct access to our Sunset Terrace, providing a wonderful mix of indoor and outdoor access.

The Traditions Room

With a private bar, high ceilings and access to our spacious veranda, this venue is a fantastic option for people who want to give their guests the option of taking the fun either indoors or out, weather permitting.  The room features a large number of windows which gives it a bright, airy feel while providing picturesque views of the vineyard itself.  It’s large enough to accommodate up to 80 guests.

The Loft

The Loft provides a great view of the Celebration Room which sits below it on one side, and a panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the other.  It features unique and beautiful chandeliers and a stunning marble fireplace that must be seen to be fully appreciated.  Capable of accommodating up to 120 guests, it’s perfect for all but the largest weddings.

The Cave

One of our most unique Virginia vineyard wedding venues, The Cave is one part time machine and one part magical, an unforgettable event space.  It’s our smallest room, only capable of accommodating up to 40 guests, so this one won’t be for everyone, but if you want a themed wedding and are looking for a space that will make you and your guests feel as though you’ve been transported back to Medieval times, this room belongs on your shortlist for consideration.

It offers a gorgeous blending of farm tables, candle-draped chandeliers and wine barrels that combine with the hand laid stonework to create an unbelievably beautiful and interesting aesthetic.  This is also one of the rooms we’ll take you through on our tour of the facility, so if you’d like to get a firsthand look, that can easily be arranged!

The Barrel Room

The Barrel Room is a wonderfully rustic option capable of accommodating up to 120 guests.  The room, like the Cave, described above, transports you to another age when you step into it.  The centerpiece is, of course, the rows of American and French barrels that grace the room, and the overall aesthetic is enhanced by hand-cut stonework on the walls, made all the more remarkable by the fact that all the stone was taken from the property itself.

Like The Cave, this venue won’t be for everyone, but when you see it, if it sparks something in your imagination, it’s an excellent option with vast potential.

The Bridal Suite

Although your wedding day is undoubtedly a time of joy, it’s also a time of incredible stress and chaos.  Planning the perfect day is no easy feat.  It feels as though there are a million different details to attend to, and no matter how organized you are, on the actual day of the wedding, it often feels like things are on the verge of spinning out of control.

The real question then, is which of these is the best fit for you and your plans for your big day?  Are you planning a massive wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance, or is it to be a smaller, much more intimate affair with only the closest of your friends and a few select family members in attendance?  Do you have a particular theme in mind?  Are you more interested in a classically elegant setting, or something more rustic?

Whichever Virginia vineyard wedding venue you settle on, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your special day is the storybook wedding you’ve been dreaming of.  Give us a call today.  We can hardly wait to speak with you!

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