"There is truth in wine and children" - Plato

Wine making is in our blood

The Zissios family journey began in the scenic mountains of Greece when co-owner Yianni (John) Zissios started making wine with his grandfather at the age of 9. What started as tradition turned into a passion. Memories of winemaking inspired the Zissios family to bring their legacy to the Shenandoah Valley so they could share their family trade with you!

The award-winning wines, along with breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley make Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery a premiere destination in Fauquier County. The Zissios family believes the key to making good wine is patience and attention to detail. An ideal which is upheld daily by​ the family’s belief in strong family values, friends, and of course great wine!


In 1996, John and Eleni (Helen) Zissios always had a dream to buy country property. Every Sunday, they would drive out from the city in search for their ideal estate. They knew they wanted easy access to I66, water on the land, and scenic mountain views. One Sunday afternoon while on one of these expeditions, John saw an old real estate sign on the ground covered in leaves. Helen called the realtor and was told the 363 acre estate had previously belonged to John Marshall, who was the fourth Chief Justice of the United States. After much negotiating, they purchased 63 acres of the available property, specifically selecting the spot on which they planned to build their family home. Helen designed the guest house, and once it was built, the family and their friends spent every weekend enjoyed the land they have come to love. However, they knew in there heart that it could be more.

As they were preparing to start construction on the main house, their oldest son, Stergio said, “Mom, I think we should build a winery.” Before they knew it, the family came together to design the building. Then finally, after years of literal blood, sweat, and tears, Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery opened its doors in April 2015. The Zissios family is very close. They believe that good family values, friends, and of course good wine are very important in life.


While owned and operated by the Zissios family, each member of our team and every guest who comes to Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery is a part of us. We live by the greek values of respect, unity and hospitality. When you visit Blue Valley, you can expect to be treated like family. We highlight the family’s deep roots within the names of our wines themselves. Every blend was carefully named based on the values important to the Zissios family. Blue Valley is an embodiment of the heritage of our greek roots, the memories of our loved ones, the traditions we keep alive, the moments we celebrate, and those we shall always remember. Created because of the family’s Greek heritage

Terry Kaye

Terry Kaye is Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery’s exclusive events planner and consultant. Terry Kaye Events is a full-service event design, styling and planning boutique specializing in Vineyard weddings, social occasions, and corporate affairs in and around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. From intimate gatherings to the most lavish of events, TKE will manage every aspect of your party with creativity, elegance, and grace.

Terry Kaye, Owner and Lead Event Consultant, has been in the event planning sector since 2000 and has over 18 years of hands-on industry experience. Previous employers include Marriott, Aramark and private planning firms. Her attention to detail, creative vision, and undeniable style guarantees a flawless execution of every event she plans.
Terry resides in the heart of Fauquier County with her husband, three boys and their dog named Sunny.