Blue Valley – One of The Best Wineries in Virginia

Blue Valley is one of the state’s few family-owned and run wineries. If you’re searching for a great spot to spend a day with your family and friends and all of your usual favorite places seem a little dull, you are most welcome to enjoy the day with us.

If you don’t know anything about wine, the best place to start is learning about the grapes utilized in its creation. We’ll give you an outline of a handful of the grape varieties we cultivate here below.


Chardonnay is a popular green-skinned grape variety used in the creation of white wine. It emerged in eastern France, namely in the Burgundy region, but is now cultivated all over the globe, anywhere wine is produced.

Growing Chardonnay is pretty straightforward, and as one of the best wineries in Virginia, it is prevalent in our vineyard. Because this grape variety itself is bland, Chardonnay tastes can vary significantly, bearing a broad range of influences ranging from oak to tropical fruit notes.

Pinot Gris

This grape is a mutation of the Pinot Noir grape, which originated in France’s Burgundy area. While these grapes are usually graying-blue in hue, they can also be pink, brownish, or white. Pinot Gris can now be found in Russia, Europe, Australia, North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. The wines made from this grape vary in flavor much as the grapes themselves differ in color, making it an exceptionally flexible type of grapes to deal with.


This is an intriguing white wine grape variety that is a little less prevalent than other grapes. Surprisingly, it is the only grape allowed in the French wine Condrieu from the Rhone Valley. Outside of the Rhone Valley, it can now be found in most other wine-producing regions, including South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia, as well as North and South America.

These grapes can be challenging to work with since too much contact with air might damage the inherent flavor and aroma of the wine, requiring more skill on the side of winemakers to produce a delightful vintage. As a result, only the best wineries in Virginia have the expertise to deal with it.

Viognier’s history goes back to at least 281 AD. The name of these grapes is taken from the Roman pronunciation of the way Gehennae, which can be roughly translated as “The Road of the Valley of Hell,” pointing to the relative difficulties of growing this particular type of grapes.

If you want to know more about our winery or wish to have a tour of our winery, get in touch with us by filling out the contact form on our website and rest assured that we will call you back soon and provide you with all the details you want to know before visiting our winery.

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