Make Your Christmas Unforgettable by Going for Christmas Vineyard Tours

This year, are you seeking a spectacular and fantastic way to spend the Christmas season with your family and friends? In that case, consider spending your vacation with us here at Blue Valley. Have you never heard of Blue Valley before? That shouldn’t come as a major surprise. Set in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains, we’re a little off the main path and considered one of North Carolina’s best-kept secrets.

Although many people like visiting us in the fall to witness the changing of the leaves, we also receive a large number of visitors during the winter months, and we provide Christmas vineyard tours that will leave you, your family, and your friends beaming with delight.

If you’ve ever been curious about how winemakers go about their work, this is your chance to find out firsthand! Our state-of-the-art 20,000 square foot production facility will take you through our process, which is based on Greek winemaking traditions passed down through generations in our family.

Taking the time to engage in a wine tasting is a perfect complement to our vineyard tours, as it will allow you to taste a few of our award-winning vintages while also letting you learn about what makes Blue Valley so unique. 

We also have local musicians who regularly perform live music for our visitors, so be sure to check out our event schedule and plan your day appropriately if you’d like to enjoy some fantastic music while sipping your wine. As well as wine, we have a full menu of healthful and tasty food items to accompany your glass of wine, so be sure to bring your appetite when you come to spend the day with us!

Are you planning a reception, wedding, business retreat, or any other type of event or gathering? If this is the case, and you have found the hotel convention scene to be monotonous and overdone, make sure to look at our venue spaces while you are here.

Across our seven venues, including a luxurious Bridal Suite that we make available to brides-to-be who require a safe haven to escape to in anticipation of their special day, we have a location that is great for your event. Whatever type of event you’re organizing, we have a room that is perfect for you. Please bring your friends and make the most out of our Christmas vineyard tours. However, make sure to stick around for the food and sparkling champagne afterwards.

If you have any queries before coming out to enjoy the day with us, please get in touch with us to clear up any misunderstandings for you. If you’re looking for information on how to contact us, it’s a fairly basic process. The only thing you need to do is fill out the contact form on our website and wait for us to call you back.

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Terry Kaye

Terry Kaye is Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery’s exclusive events planner and consultant. Terry Kaye Events is a full-service event design, styling and planning boutique specializing in Vineyard weddings, social occasions, and corporate affairs in and around Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. From intimate gatherings to the most lavish of events, TKE will manage every aspect of your party with creativity, elegance, and grace.

Terry Kaye, Owner and Lead Event Consultant, has been in the event planning sector since 2000 and has over 18 years of hands-on industry experience. Previous employers include Marriott, Aramark and private planning firms. Her attention to detail, creative vision, and undeniable style guarantees a flawless execution of every event she plans.
Terry resides in the heart of Fauquier County with her husband, three boys and their dog named Sunny.